Diasporic Dreams' Artist Development Space and More is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Diasporic Dreams' Artist Development Space and More must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

DAHY -UH- SPAWR-IK (adjective)

Living Outside of One's Homeland

This Is Us.

Our Mission

Five years ago, the first Diasporic Dream was realized. The dream was born out of an idea that, together, a group of scholars and their teacher could change hearts and minds using art. The result was a Black Lives Matter performance that changed the trajectory for the SUNY University in the High School African Diaspora learning experience.

We haven't stopped dreaming.

Today, Diasporic Dreams: An Edutainment Experience Corporation is a community-based, education through entertainment performance organization that uses the arts as a conduit of social justice. It is through the generous contributions of sponsors and donors aka "dreamers" that we are able to fund "edutainment" performance experiences that allow our youth-artists to hone their craft, perform at the highest of levels, and use their art to educate and inspire hope.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization; therefore, your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. We extend our gratitude in advance for your support.

Will you dream with us?

Our Mantra

Diasporic Dreamers believe that each human is possessed of unlimited potential, a powerful ancestral story that deserves to be heard, and innate goodness. We have a deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and we know that it is only through honest education and conversation that we can build empathy for one another. Diasporic Dreamers deliver our art as the sweetness to accompany the educational medicine needed to cure our world of its greatest ailment: Injustice.

"Education and Empathy

are the

Essential Keys to Eradicating Injustice"

-Jodi Fernandez

Our Method

We educate through our creation of art that speaks through us and to your hearts. We are a group of multitalented youth-artists, and our "edutainment" performances teach truth to power. Through our art, you will be reminded of the human ties that we all share, and, most importantly, what it means to live in the fullness of that humanity.

2020 Performance

Meet the Dreamers


"Ever since I first saw the performance freshmen year, I immediately wanted so eagerly to be a part of the production. Our performance teaches the truth about the diaspora, and all its everlasting effects. I urge that to be a member of this society, the understanding of a true history must be acquired for ignorance and asinine actions would continue to plague the world. Being able to actually connect to my history and roots is an experience I was thankfully able to be a part of through Diasporic Dreams. My peers and I were able to fulfill desires to participate in such a production since we first viewed the show back in 2019. I am beyond grateful that I was able to express myself and my culture in a way that is celebrated, rather than downplayed or minimized. It is especially important for people of color to remain in touch with their roots and ancestry, for without it, we have nothing."

Kimberly Alvarez

Spoken Word Artist/ Dancer

"Diasporic Dreams is more than just the typical show. As a young, dark-skinned black girl navigating a world systemically built against people who look like me, it is difficult to find representation in a positive light (if at all). Yet, Diasporic Dreams finds a way to recognize the struggle of melanated people while emphasizing the tenacity it takes to overcome. The production is a celebration of the diaspora in all of its forms through different mediums of entertainment (song, dance, spoken word), allowing students to lead/create. Lastly, Diasporic Dreams is proof that black history is beautiful and inclusive. The beauty of Diasporic Dreams lies within the feeling it leaves us all with. Allow yourself to gain insight into events that history class never taught us, and you will leave with a sense of pride in what the diaspora has overcome. Allow yourself to witness black excellence unfold, and you will be left with an increase in self-esteem and identity. To my little black girls who I had in mind when I helped write, choreograph, and sing in this show and to anyone else who watches Diasporic Dreams.--our show provides something for everyone so long as you allow yourself to be edutained. The show means the world to me especially coming out a pandemic where were unable to perform, so I hope it resonates in everyone who watches it in the same way it has for me. "

-Ariana Okoth

Spoken Word Artist and Writer, Singer, and Dance Choreographer

Edutainment is defined as education through entertainment. Before joining Diasporic Dreams I had never heard that term being used before, but once I did, I knew instantly that Ms. Fernandez was a creative genius. Before Diasporic Dreams even had its name, she managed to create a sense of community to all who were involved. She took students who were often overlooked by fellow educators and helped them realize what they are capable of.

-Hannah Czerwinski

Mistress of Ceremony, Singer

"This performance gives us the opportunity to not only share the culture but to teach the African Diaspora and illuminate how so many ethnic groups are a part of it. Being a first generation African-American, whose parents are from Ghana, it means a lot to me to not only be able to showcase the beauty of black history month but the beauty of the African culture itself.”

-Afua Yeboah

Dancer, Choreographer, Youth Educator,

"Throughout my High School matriculation, I always felt like I had something to say with no where to say it. The Black Lives Matter performance (2018) changed the trajectory of what I believed possible. Creating, working on and developing the performance woke something up in me that will never be silenced again. I felt empowered, fulfilled, and purposeful throughout the entire experience. I can confidently say participating in such an amazing production gave me the strength to actively speak out against injustices of all kind. As I continue my academic journey at Howard University, I am overjoyed that those younger than me can experience and be apart of something so special. I am incredibly proud to be apart of the legacy."

- Mya Guardino,

Spoken Word Artist

"I attended Diasporic Dreams on Friday night and was blown away by the performance. There were parts where I was in tears listening and parts where I was grinning broadly and moving in my seat! Congratulations on providing real world experience to the students. Peace!"

Regina Clarkin

Peekskill Herald

What Giving to Diasporic Dreams Means

Every Dollar You Donate Will Actualize a Dream For A Youth-Artist through the Diasporic Dreams Edutainment Experience which builds:
Self-EsteemEducation/Cognitive Skills Community/Safety/SecurityTalent/Self-ExpressionHope/Inspiration Personal Growth/Self-Actualization

Your Greatly Appreciated Generosity Will Fund:Performance Costs Artist Development Artist Stipends Educator Stipends Workshop Space Miscellaneous Expenses

We thank you in advance. -Diasporic Dreamers

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